Critique of the third season of Dark series| The best ending in the history of science fiction series

Critique of the third season of Dark series| The best ending in the history of science fiction series

Dark series Review  has aired on Netflix. This season, which was the last season of the acclaimed Dark Dark series in the sci-fi genre, had eight episodes, with all of its episodes above 9, and the last two episodes of imdb users scoring 9.9 out of ten.

The “Dark” series doesn’t have to work that well. This is the first Netflix original series in German, and at first glance it looks like a gamble. The German-language series struggled with the concepts of quantum physics, time travel, and contradictions that seemed unlikely to engage the mainstream viewer who, for example, had a relationship with stranger things. Be that as it may.

But partly because of the success of “Strange Things” and partly because of the good English dubbing of the series, it became a complete success. The third and final season, which aired on Netflix, seems to be doing the impossible. But the third season of “Dark” once again proved the values ​​of this series.

During the previous two seasons, it became clear that the two main lovers of the series, Jonas and Martha, are actually aunts and nephews, and Katarina, Martha’s mother, is actually Jonas’ grandmother. In the final episode of the second season, all the parallel worlds of the present are present. Each scene refers to a part of this complex coil, and the storyline of the series slowly makes sense, even if it’s just as complicated and confusing as it was at the beginning.

The third season of “Dark” begins right where the second season left the audience. Where alternatives to Martha and Jonas travel to another world that will lead to deeper discoveries. A parallel world is a stereotype in which everything has changed, but at the same time it seems as if similar things are happening to similar characters. There is no world in which the series changes its main characters and wants to make a different move. In fact, this mirror world, which is a reflection of what is happening in other worlds, foretells everything we see from the beginning of the fitting title at the beginning of the Dark series.

Of course, the series does not limit itself to this reflective world. Let’s go back to the world of Jonas. To that apocalypse on June 27, 2020. Winden shakes, and the characters we met two seasons ago, who were residents of Winden, are scattered over three centuries. We say this as a good part of the series, that the events are narrated in the style of soap operas known as soap operas. Like the last episodes of Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones), the series moves from one story to another and changes direction.

Dark has definitely put himself in a difficult position. Only eight episodes to solve all the secrets of time travel and the puzzles of the first two seasons. Fortunately, Chapter 3 concludes well with skillful twists and turns of time travel. In the end, even the answers you get are more than the number of questions, which is a great success for a series with a complex plot story that was considered a competitor to “Lost” in terms of the complexity of the story.

Coming with the third season of “Dark” is even more challenging than the previous two seasons. While the show’s trademark “Combining Characters in One-to-Last Sequences Becomes a Sad Song” is a handy tool for reviewing events in each episode, you may feel compelled to take pen and paper to track things down. Make a note of what happened and don’t deviate from the story line. This may seem annoying, but given the series’ progress and how it grows, it’s a perfectly normal process. Fans of the series will probably enjoy this event as part of the charm of the “Dark” series.

Another natural consequence of the evolutionary process of the “Dark” series is the large number of unfinished endings. In addition to designing alternative worlds, we’ve seen a lot of what happens to the characters in the future or what they do before the third season, so we need to understand how the characters got there. This story raises questions in the last few episodes. Where the characters seem to be struggling to fill in the gaps of the past.

However, even those episodes show what the Dark series is best at: a story that is told slowly and measuredly, and ultimately leads to epic twists and turns. Especially in the third chapter, the use of costumes and stage equipment to show the connection and difference between the characters works wonders. Just one tool will help you touch almost every aspect of one of the stories and emphasize the series’ recurring theme that wants to say everything is connected.

It’s hard to talk about just one aspect of the Dark series without addressing all aspects of the series. It can only be said that the end of the series is, in a word, “satisfying.” The combination of all those endless endings ultimately makes the viewer feel complete and distinct. At the same time, this ending has the same mysterious tone that fans of the series expect.

Summary Dark series Review

The third season of Dark series Review, which is separate and self-reliant, is too complicated and confusing. It’s so strange and mysterious that it can’t be called a good season of a TV series alone. But in the context of the first two seasons, we have to say that this is one of the best endings in the history of science fiction series. An end that has prevented all the metaphors and factors that led to the collapse of science fiction series before it.

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