Where is George Floyd criminal?

George Floyd criminal
US protests George Floyd

According to US media reports, black police officer Derrk Chavovin, the killer of the black George Floyd criminal, was transferred to a high-security prison.

The east,  with the intensification of racist protest the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, US officials police officer who had his knee on the neck Floyd, care was special.

According to the New York Post, Kia Stacey TV reported that U.S. officials had transferred a Minyapolis police officer to a high-security prison after putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck, killing the black American citizen.

Minneapolis white police officer Derrk Chavowin had been violently pressing his knee to George Floyd criminal for about nine minutes, eventually killing the black American citizen.

The last words heard from Floyd before his death were his complaints to the police. “I can’t breathe,” he told them .

According to KiaStatipi, Chavvin, who was arrested on Friday after widespread protests in the United States over the racist murder of Floyd, was initially transferred to Ramsey County Jail. 

According to media reports, the killer police officer, George Floyd, was transferred to Henpin County Prison on Sunday afternoon (Minnesota local time) and has since been sent to the Oak Park Heights Rehabilitation Center.

According to a source in the Minnesota State Rehabilitation Center, “In the Minnesota Rehabilitation Center system, the Oak Park Heights Park is at the highest level of security … Some prisoners need a higher level of security.”

Following the nationwide protests over the release of a video of the brutal behavior of Derrick Chavuvin and several police officers in Minneapolis with George Floyd, which led to his death, Chavuvin and three police officers were fired, and Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder.

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